Music for 10/3/21!!! Pa Sileu, Silvia Kastel

@@@ Pa Sileu: Style and Fashion (Warner Music UK, 2021) Both of today’s listens are off a Crack Magazine festival announcement email thingy. It can both ways when African musician ends up on a major label, but this one opens up with a pretty equal mash of hip hop and African music. Especially the vocals, the way this MC flows on the mic, it’s different. When you take out the trap rhythms and put some more African sounding drums and it’s pretty stylish. He’s gotty a hoarse, guest MC who provides contrast. Not particularly revolutionary in its design but very high marks for funkiness.

@@@ Silvia Kastel: Concrete Void (Blackest Ever Black, 2018) Concrete Void is the 7th track on the record and it opens with a cymbal wash and then some glitched out vocals and some from the abyss sci fi typa sounds. Ground control to Major Tom, naimsayin’? It’s a sparse arrangement and tasty. Thick bass pulse, literally a low ass pulse, with a quick rotating bell-y thing, the voices which I don’t love but since I can’t hear anything clearly it’s cool and then some other bits of garnish. As the tune unfolds and ends you get some additional space crunchies which I like. I’m checking out the opening track and I like the sounds but I don’t think I’m an ambient electronic with vocals kinda guy. I like my Ground control to Major Tom to be devoid of humans, but that’s just me.

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