Music 9/28/21!!! L’Orange, Henry Threadgill

@@@ L’Orange: Coffee (Mello Music, 2021) I really like this label, they release some really creative records. This track is number 6 on the record and it sports a combo platter jazzy/hip hop flow. With upright bass and sax but also a bit chopped and looped for your listening pleasure. I’m not sure we’re gonna see an MC here or in other tracks but I like the sounds. Flute at the end and let me peep another track. I switched over to the first track and this is why I dig this label — instead of an MC each tune has a Spanish speaker starting up in Spanish and then an English translator of the Spanish language while the guy keeps on and all happening while the sounds play. Nice job L’Orange, excellent job in fact. Just tryin’ to make a liar out of me that strategy is not on the second track, there’s a chopped up soul singer droppin’ a lot of ooh, baby. There’s creativity afoot here and I’m psyched to listen more closely to this record when I have the time. Peep this.

@@@ Henry Threadgill: Happenstance (Pi, 2021) Huge Henry Threadgill over here. Love the tuba, Threadgill’s playing of course, less of a fan of the nerdy guitar tone (personal preference), don’t love the drum sound but like the drummer. The first tune is an 8 minute banger that builds. I clicked through to the second track, the title track of the record and I like a bunch of the passages here. The sound of the record works against the music a tad, it’s quite sterile and without saturation. Threadgill is an American treasure and I’m more into the playing as this title track moves on partially because he’s at the center of the action. Some of Threadgill’s records have been super raucous affairs and it takes a bit of time to get used to the spacious version of this ensemble but the mood is very understandable.

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