Music for 9/27/21!!! Kiefer, Mas Aya

@@@ Kiefer: When There’s Love Around (Stones Throw, 2021) Today’s listens are off this week’s All Music notable release email. The video clipped below is for the track titled as such off the record titled as such. It’s a chill r&b sitch with mellow keyboards and a bit of jazz fuzion feels. Around 1 minute in it goes full band with the drummer hittin’ it and the energy rising. I like the playing all right but I like my jazz to be rocking or on fire. Let me check a couple of other tracks. I’m checking out the second track called I rememberr this picture and it’s the same formula. I like the playing all right but the smooth tones and vibes make me feel like I’m rocking a Wilco record.

@@@ Mas Aya: Momento Presente (Telephone Explosion, 2021) I think there’s a lot of action in the electronic music part of the music biosphere and as I hear the opening of this track which opens the record I’m thinking this is going to be some Latin flavored electro that builds from some rando flute playing and starts bringing in the drum machines and more flutes and it’s quite messy and ba-doing there’s a synth bass and some 808 type handclaps. Simultaneously it’s electronic and pretty ambient and world-ish music. The looseness of the arrangement here is unique and enjoyable to me. A long Spanish spoken word section comes in and it’s on. These are all pretty hefty tunes weighing in between 5-8 minutes with a variety of tones. Thus far it’s been wooden flutes on all three tracks I’ve peeped so that’s a core component and I’ve enjoyed the third track 18 de Abril the most of what I’ve heard.

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