Music for 9/24/21!!! Lime Garden, Susana Baca

@@@ Lime Garden: Pulp (So Young, 2021) Off a LIne of Best Fit a buncha weeks ago. Slotted as UK pop it is pop but being the UK where tastes are a bit more developed than here in ‘merka, pop can have rock sounds and it might even rock a bit, which this does in the chorus. Definitely way more guitar than what you would hear in U.S. pop it’s a classic quiet and building in the verse with a medium explosion in the chorus. Female singer, nice guitar work, poppy production to be sure. My problem with pop rock is the watered down result — if it’s halfway rock presented cleanly it’s not rock and it’s on the periphery of pop. I guess I don’t see the point.

@@@ Susana Baca: Sorongo (Real World, 2021) Off this week’s WRIR playlist email. This is a pre-release track from a veteran. A quick GooglePimp reveals that Baca is 77 and she’s the former Minister of Culture in Peru. That’s the kind of joint I would enjoy being part of, a flavorful joint. My first thought is that this sounds mostly like salsa but with a different feel and with hammered keyboard sounds. Another GooglePimp search is saying she’s the leading proponent of Afro-Peruvian music so salsa has a lot of black music in it so I’m considering myself mostly on target here. I like this, the production is pretty clean and modern so it’s not fire music though I’m guessing live she can burn the house down. Pretty solid stuff for a 77 year old and cubicle dwellers should check this out.

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