Music for 9/21/21!!! Sarah Davachi, Nala Sinephro

@@@ Sarah Davachi: Border of Mind (Late Music, 2021) Off this week’s 10 most reviewed albums via the Pitchfork. It’s electronic business and the track clipped below is the fifth tune on the record. It opens lo fi with what may be dirty cello bowing or a synth. And a lot of tape hiss, or hiss, who knows if it’s tape, I don’t know what it would be if it’s not tape. It’s probably tape hiss. I did a bit of google pimping around and I think this is a pipe organ recorded pretty distantly. I switched over to the album opener because I was getting a little nappy and the opener is a plucked string thing with some really nice and minimal processing in places. A sort of streaky, cloudy remnant after the plucks. I like this a whole bunch more than the first tune I checked out. It’s called Chorus Scene if yer interested. I like minimalist music but I’m not sure why I’m not connecting to this much.

@@@ Nala Sinephro: Space 1 (Warp, 2021) Slotted as jazz but Warp usually traffics in the electronic business. I hear harp which I like, but then the bird chirps, oy the bird chirps. I don’t think that’s a pitch shifted harp, that’s a synth bass and that’s my favorite element of the tune thus far. There’s a fair amount of glitching and processing and the harp is mixed pretty low in the mix and not recorded in a super high def manner. It’s basically a bed of mellow ambient sounds with harp noodling over the top. I like the elements, it’s pretty background-y. The next tune brings a straight jazz flow with a drummer and a piano player while the harp continues to be processed. It’s okay.

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