Music for 9/20/21!!! BICEP, Yung Singh

@@@ BICEP: Light (Ninja Tune, 2021) Reworked club music I got to via the online UK music magazine Crack. There’s some big ass blurb on Apple Music about how these guys rework their tracks 6 times or some such but this is pretty straightforward techno with the innnovation using processed voices over the beats to create a bit more uplifting flow. I like the sounds that I’m presented with here while I wish there was a bit more going on in the arrangement. The anchoring synth has just sorta sat there the whole time with no pitch shifting, granular synthesis, yadda yadda yadda. I”m checking out the opening track and there’s more action with a jump sped up video game synth but they use the same stacked/processed vocal thing which is core to the listening experience.

@@@ Yung Singh: The Punjabi Garage Bundle for Charity (N/A, 2021) I also got to this via the UK music magazine Crack. It’s a remix with pretty strong hip hop flavors as well as strong South Asian flavors and some lounge keys I find very well placed. Regular readers know of my love of the mashups of disparate sound palettes and Mr. Singh is keeping it hopping. He’s switching back and forth between a South Asian singer and some breakbeats then to UK MC for a bit and then back. I like it a whole bunch without jumping up and down, I give it a B+. There’s a second track on this Punjabi Garage Bundle for Charity and the vocalizing is even hotter with a funkier arrangement. This one is fire, check it out, it’s called Manj and it’s a remix as well.

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