Music for 9/18/21!!! Abayudaya

@@@ Abayudaya Jews of Uganda: Shalom Everybidt Everywhere (Kulanu, 1997) We’re goin’ old school today with a shout out to the black Jews of Uganda rockin’ it on. I got to this record via a Jewish friend of mine, oy. It’s basically some stylish and simple guitar playing with a tone of call and response-y vocals, often with an adult singing and kids following up with the response. In the tune Torah Torah you get lyrics in English and a breezy religious vibe — also a cheesy drum machine beat and a synth accordion/horn. You can’t fuck with this, it’s a party and suddenly I’m in the mood for some matzoh ball soup. There aren’t a tone of videos up on the GooglePimpTube so this tune (Track 7) is what’s there and it’s pleasantly slapdash. Same formula. Me I would head for the drum machine driven Torah Torah as a go to track. Mazeltov!

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