Music for 9/12/21!!! Park Hye Jin

@@@ Park Hye Jin: Before I Die (Ninja Tune, 2021) A self admitted mashup of many different music styles — techno, hip hop, dance business sung and rapped in English and Korean. The first tune, Let’s Sing Let’s Dance has a really nice feel to it when Jin hits the mic with her vocals. Her English is way better than my Korean and the plainness of her style contrasts well with the beats and the piano/keys. I think if you’re looking for a huge statement record you might find different statements here — from the opener of Let’s Sing Let’s Dance to I Need You to Good Morning Good Night to Can I Get Your Number. I like the beats here, they’re lively and tend to the skittery. Both of the tracks I’ve checked have fully fleshed out piano chord progressions at their core. I’m not usually a fan of that but I dig it here. I like this, I’m not jumping up and down but it’s interesting and fresh.

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