Music for 9/11/21!!! Mankwe and Body MemOri

@@@ Mankwe & Body MemOri: under inside/climbing (Auspice Now, 2021). I found this free jazz with strong pan-African flavors via a bandcamp best of tweet page. I’ve looked pretty extensively on Apple Music for the record but could not locate it. This track is almost 10 minutes long and while it has a female vocalist these are not standard vocals and the description for the track seems to be an attempt to give all manner of things that come out of the human body — memories, emotions, histories, other bodies (that last one is my add). The instrumentation is bass, cello, drums and vocals and I think it’s an abstract musical approach that’s abstract in the way it connects to very concrete things. There’s a section that seems closer to a jazz scat but it’s still not words and I dig that. It’s not particularly confrontational jazz as some free jass can be quite skronky, this is more piecemeal and internal. Hard to put into words but if it’s something that sounds interesting you could check it out. The last third of the track really percolates.

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