Music for 9/5/21!!! Little Simz

@@@ Little Simz: Point and Kill (AWAL, 2021) Both of today’s listens are off this week’s Line of Best Fit. This is track 15 off the record and it opens with a lot of percussion sounds, an aggressive climbing bassline, and a female singer with two female vocalists, one sounding African and one Brit accented. It’s got a pop accessibility but the sounds are solid and the funk here is not hinted at, it’s right up in yer grill. A little Afrobeat horn action at the end of the track before it goes out with a chorus of voices and funky percussion. I’m checking out the opening track, Introvert, and it’s epic marching beat before settling into a hip hop setup. Meh, it’s all right. The sounds here are trimmed and pumped which makes the tracks enjoyable but I think I happened onto a more African flavored track and that the overall feel is more clearly hip hop. It also dabbles in some soul, Afrobeat, and funk.

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