Music for 9/2/21!!! Marissa Anderson, Andrew Cyrille Quartet

@@@ Marissa Anderson: Lost Futures (Thrill Jockey, 2021) Slotted as folk it opens up with decidedly traditional folk guitars, a bit surprising for a hipster label like Thrill Jockey. One guitar in each ear, both taking occasional runs, they’re recorded really well so you can hear all the details. I mean, for a person like myself, this most definitely is super manicured and shiny so I categorize it as music for people with jobs. I’m checking out the opening track, News About Heaven, and it features a super lush spacious electric guitar presented in epic Daniel Lanois fashion, like Jesus himself is picking a telecaster and it washes over the rednecks below. This album should find its fans. Oh, the cello brings a serious feel to the music though it’s sporadic and tucked in the back of the bus. Rosa Parks rode at the back of the bus, ain’t no shame in that.

@@@ Andrew Cyrille Quartet: Go Happy Lucky (ECM, 2021) Both listens today are off last week’s All Music notable release email. Going into this listen I will say Andrew Cyrille is a serious musician and often I do not like the sound of ECM recordings. Too New Age-y for me. The instrumentation is Cryille on drums, guitar, bass and piano. I went in the opposite direction where lead instruments usually get listed first. While I’m sure Bill Frisell is an outstanding person, I personally can not abide his playing nor his tone. It has a snooziness I find quite tiresome. It’s the sonic equivalent of overcooked and mushy rice noodles. I love how the drums sounds here, wide and clear, but overall the playing is quite brunch-y and sorta Republican. This is where a lot of jazz is these days and I understand I’m in the minority. I like the piano solo a bunch for its simple against the grain playing, but oy the guitar.

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