Music for 9/1/21!!! Bendik Giske, Thelia Zedek

@@@ Bendik Giske: Flutter (Smalltown Supersound, 2021) I’m a fan of this Scandinavian music label that puts out electronic music, some jazz and other business so they’ve earned a peep. Both of today’s listens are from this week’s All Music notable release email. It opens with some sax valve-partial blowing business. I don’t love the big reverb patch on this solo piece, and I’m hoping this isn’t a solo sax record as I have trouble with those. The second track, Cruising, is either a looped sax part or sax being played circularly and that takes place over a minimal hand drum beat. It’s smooth and somewhat background-y which isn’t my favorite type of jazz though I can see how the coffee shop folks can feel jazz-like while listening to this. It’s a 10 minute plus track that does start to come out of its groove. It sounds as if they’re feeding part of the saxophone into a huge blooming reverb so that remnants of it start to blossom up and form a huge sonic cloud. Overall I’m pretty agnostic on this.

@@@ Thalia Zedek: Revelation Time (Thrill Jockey, 2021) I’m not sure what’s up with this artist and Thrill Jockey has she has two 2021 releases up on Apple Music. Not sure if they’re current releases or old ones that have been re-released via Thrill Jockey. It’s pretty straightforward guitar rock and Zedek’s voice is one of the most notable elements of the music. She has a limited voice but it has a classic rock weariness to it (partial) that does draw the listener into the music. Medium crunchy guitars with drums high in the mix, I’m always up for drums high in the mix. It doesn’t have a ton of appeal for me personally but it’s well executed rock music.

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