Music for 8/31/21!!! The Bug, Churches

@@@ The Bug: Pressure (Ninja Tune, 2021) Today’s listens are off this week’s All Music notable release email. The second track off this full length banger is clipped below. The record is notable for it’s guest vocalists (including Moor Mother who Imma big fan of) and on this track it’s a Caribbean flavored MC who brings energy to the dark sounding bassline and the generally ominous ambience of the track. My experience is that lots of guests can be a mixed bag — a vocalist that can elevate a track can be the vocalist you’re missing in the next track where another vocalist has taken an alternative approach. Overall it’s a dark, slightly apocalyptic dancefloor flavor pack as the player moves to the third track, Demon. I’m feeling this music fits the moment we’re in and I plan on checking it out more completely when I get the chance. I’m on a fifth track and I’m feeling it so if my word counts for anything check it out.

@@@ Churches: Violent Delights (Glassnote, 2021) Also off this week’s All Music notable release email. Big sweeping 1980’s flavored sounds busting out of the speaker as soon as the play button hits. Dreamy female vocals, a big synth wave, this is quite in contrast to the title of the song, though the energy does build. Energy, in my mind, does not equate to violence or violent delights. I like the singer in spots, especially in the chorus — the vocal hook is ‘these violent delights keeping sneaking into my nights’. It’s all right as a vocal hook goes, violent delights is a dramatical statement. The song also is somewhat built around a crushed (compressed) brief snare roll that propels the tune. Overall, a B- as far as I’m concerned, 1980’s synth rock is a stretch for me.

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