Music for 8/30/21!!! Halsey, Lorde

@@@ Halsey: The Tradition (Capitol/UMG, 2021). Halsey’s new record is getting quite a bit of ink out there, is it a massive artistic statement? We shall see! HIstory would say it’s more of a marketing effort rather than a true statement. The opening track of her new record, it starts up with piano and Halsey singing. It grows with more vocal tracks, an understated string part and then back to the verse. Aargh, I don’t know if I should click to the next track cuz I’m not feeling this, it’s collapsing under the weight of its own whatevs. The second track Bells in Santa Fe, starts differently, oh not really it just takes out the piano, nope it doesn’t even do that. Yikes I could use some beats to distract from all the whatevs. It’s Sunday and maybe I just suck today but I will check out one more track tomorrow and see if it fits me any better but the first two tracks are not encouraging. It’s Monday and I promised a second listen so here we are! The production signals an epicness I don’t find in the track itself. The lyrics are interesting for a mainstream track, highlighting the mistreatment of women and how that’s just a tradition. I like the segue with about 90 seconds left but I could use more anger and less drama or something more sonically. In its way it’s very conservative and traditional.

@@@ Lorde: Solar Power (UMG New Zealand, 2021). It’s mainstream female musician day! I saw somebody on the Twatter taking down Lorde for her condescending to normal people. Oy, I can’t believe listen to this mainstream shit as real music, the vibe here is quite manipulative and so shallow as to trigger a depression. On the surface (and that’s about how deep it all goes) it’s a breezy ode to going to the beach. It’s 2/3s done by the time the drums kick in and at that point I want to drive my car into the ocean. The outro consists of stacks of vocals singing the word ‘solar’ over a rockin’ beat and a little melody at the end. It’s hard to convey how something put together in such a manner, so exquisitely manicured and groomed before release can still be trash but that’s the view from here. This is straight pop music trash. I’m not sure if Lorde is guilty of any condescending to normal people but she sure as shit took that three minutes and I’ll never get that back. Beware the zombie pop!

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