Music for 8/21/21!!! Hana Vu, Alice Longyu Gao

@@@ Hana Vu: Everybody’s Birthdays (Ghostly, 2021) I got to this track via the Twatter and the listen below via a music publicist email. This is getting the big pre-release push with the full length banger not out ’til November of this year. The track opens with a little cloud synth action and an ’80s gated snare sound and female singer comin’ on in a wavy, a bit all over the place vocal style before shit firms up in the chorus. Now I was half hearted on this til I heard the cowbell tucked in the back of the mix in the chorus. Fucking cowbell, you can’t deny the power of that can you? Who can fuck with cowbell? Nobody, that’s who. I appreciate the sonic delineations between the verse and the chorus, it’s not like the track doesn’t move as a lot of indie business does kind just opens up with a vibe and then power flounders. Not a huge fan of these sounds, if you like them then good on you and have at it.

@@@ Alice Longyu Gao: KANPAI (Self-released, 2021) This is an insteresting smash up of Japanese melodies and right now dancefloor pop banger sounds. By the time the chorus comes around she’s chanting Kanpai….kanpai….kanpai. This track is jam packed with kinetic energy. Sharp vocal rhythmic delivery and each sounds seems to be chosen to elevate the energy. Now the point of the song? Not quite sure. Google the title, check. Kanpai is a drinking toast and that clarifies a lot of what might be going on here. It’s got sort of a manic drunken feel to it, I most definitely get that. At first I thought Ms. Gao might be satirizing her own culture with the sped up off kilter flavors of the track, and she might be, but the alcohol explanation makes more sense.

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