Music for 8/18/21!!! Tony Monaco, The Crown

@@@ Tony Monaco: Root Down (Chicken Coup Records, 2021) I saw this up on the Twatter and it’s slotted as jazz on Apple Music but to my ears it’s sneaking in the door of jazz and belongs in the Meters’ funk part of town. Very modern recording style with guitar, organ, and drums. I’m pretty sure there’s no bassist here and the organ is holding it down, it’s a bit unclear to my ears. It’s a funky and friendly thing they have going here, nothing particularly groundbreaking in its formula but great music to bbq some tofu?

@@@ The Crown: Royal Destroyer (Metal Blade, 2021) I realized over the weekend that I haven’t been getting my fill of heavy metal. In the age of the interwebz that’s not a hard situation to remedy. I found this track on a list with a bunch of duds but this is quite a beatdown. And if the idea of a beatdown seems odd, the second title is ‘Let the Hammering Begin!’ Well played. It’s an updated classic metal sound which I don’t usually enjoy but this has a certain aggro vibe that really animates the proceedings. I’ve attached the third tune ‘Motordeath’ and it’s got a most excellent guitar sound and very tasty thrash drumming. I like the singer and that’s rare for me in heavy metal.

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