Music for 8/17/21!!! pizzagirl, Crystal Murray

@@@ pizzagirl: moreno (Heist or Hit, 2021) I got to these two listens via the Line of Best Fit weekly email. I think I’m ready for all the breezy summertime music as this is a frat boy slacker version of upbeat soft rock. A clicky guitar figure, some straight rock drumming and a Jimmy Buffett style singer. I’m just about ready for a margarita. Boom, it morphs into a super sweet pop explosion in the chorus complete with quasi staccato string flourishes. I like the production, it’s put together pretty well but this isn’t really my thing at all. The slackness and the upbeatness combined is especially troubling.

@@@ Crystal Murry: Like it Nasty (Because Music, 2021) With a title like Like it Nasty I expect some stripper pole trap hip hop which is not super off the mark save for the absence of a trap beat. It’s more of a retro-ish funk with an insistent kick drum. It’s the G-rated version of WAP. I like the kick drum and the stick sound of the drum machine, agnostic on the guitar sound, and I can’t hear the vocal hook but it sounds like ‘touch my pussy and I’ll see you later’, but that’s not right. It’s old school stripper pole music.

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