Music for 8/16/21!!! Tkay Maidza, Mariah the Scientist

@@@ Tkay Maidza: Cashmere (4AD, 2021) Pitchfork 10 Best reviewed albums of the week a few weeks ago. I heard Ms. Maidza a few years ago when she was an Aussie only indigenous pop singer but I could hear then that she might end up in the mighty Pitchfork at some point. It opens just a wee bit below midtempo with a plain beat that doesn’t really signify a particular style. The arrangement is pretty minimal, tucked under the voice/voices and spacious with some guitar arranged as a synth might be arranged. Lyrically, she’s soft as cashmere and the rest of the lyrics support that vibe which is interesting because a lot of American singers are hard, they’re hard as shit and they’re coming for you. I’m checking the first tune and the vibe on this record is pretty chill with some really nice bass parts and spacious sounds. I’m feeling the opener, Eden, much more than Cashmere. Her rhyming is odd and very engaging.

@@@ Mariah the Scientist: 2 You (RCA, 2021) Same Pitchfork list! A different vibe, but not completely different. This is more of a sci fi arrangement with some deftly chopped and served up glitched and Ms. Scientist goes pretty mainstream and epic over the top. Outside of the vocal chop shop and her singing there’s not a ton of stuff going on the arrangement, it’s diva time. I like how the processed vocals de-cheese the whole tune but overall it’s pretty mainstream. Not horribly so, and it’s certainly not a cheese comet crossing the sky but it’s pretty straight, which is fine but not how I ultimately roll. I let the player click through and it’s the same move — they take a small nugget of something to support her vocal work and she just goes off.

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