Music for 8/15/21!!! Ike Palumbo and El Da Sensei, Novacain

@@@ Ike Palumbo & El Da Sensei: Blast Off! (Spacelab, 2021) Some retro indie hip hop I got to via a music publicist email. Opens up somewhat old school with a swinging piano part and a NY style drumbeat. The MCs rhyme off that piano riff, and while it’s not a straight boast track they are about to do like the title and blast off. I like the piano part though I think it gets repeated too much and the guitar part at the end is cool. Old school rhymin’.

@@@ Novacain: Shine on Me (Authentic Record, 2021) I think I saw this on the Twatter but I’m not a 100% on that. Rawk! Upbeat danceable rock that could be the soundtrack to a Friends sequel but it’s rawk. Oh boy, this is not my demographic for sure. There’s an interesting guitar melody that shows up at spots and a little drumbeat alternative that I dig but overall the vibe is one of perkiness. Alone I hide, I need a resurrection for my pride that’s the first half of the chorus hook, I’m like a treasure chest living at the bottom of the sea, so shine on me. That’s the whole kahuna right there, two slices and a piece of luncheon meat. Not sure what to make of that sentiment so I’ll just leave it at that.

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