Music for 8/14/21!!! Remi Wolf, Xenia Rubinos

@@@ Remi Wolf: Liquor Store (UMG, 2021) A saucy, pottymouth rock/funk/pop track I got to via a music publicist email. I always want more when I enter the liquor store, that’s the main vocal hook. It’s fully pimped out major label production with Prince style guitar shredding, stacks of vocals all swirled up with bright production. Most notable are the lyrics which are pretty raw for this kind of track. There are fragments about having sex like an animal and you got an ice cream on your leg motherfucker and you have two fish pressing on my clit (or some suchness). I’m not protesting what some evangelicals would call ‘obscenity’ it’s just notable for a pop track and frankly if the beat was swinging more I would be into it more. Nice guitar, tone down the singer, funkafy the beats, that’s my view.

@@@ Xenia Rubinos: Sacude (Anti-, 2021) I’m not fully a fanboy but I like the area where Rubinos works. Latin music with intricate electronic arrangements, sign me up! This I think is the fourth advance track off an upcoming full length banger and it’s a hand percussion, a janky half loop and Rubinos singing over that. The comes a guitar, then a synth bass swell and she switches to Spanish with some haunting synth sounds floating out there. I hope the rest of the record is as hot, she’s got it going on here as far as I’m concerned. I find a little bit of the epicness of the sounds to distract a little bit and think a bit of grit might make this more driving but that’s just me and I’m a freak. There are points where the Latin music pokes through more and I like how that comes and goes. It goes out on a pretty massive stack of vocals in Spanish. This is a what a creative musician sounds like, it’s not the only way a creative musician sounds but this has flow and shape and evolution.

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