Music for 8/13/21!!! Marcus Gad, Susana Baca

@@@ Marcus Gad meets Tamal: Tempo (Easy Star, 2021) I got to this smashup of dub and Asian flavors expressed mostly through electro sounds via the weekly playlist at WRIR. Lush productions with well constructed walls of vocals harmonized while Gad toasts it up on the microphone. This is booty shaking bass to be sure, with a funkier than a reggae-ish beat but overall I appreciate the mix of elements. I like it without jumping up and down, if there was a concious message I’d be much more into it. Pretty excellent sounds.

@@@ Susana Baca: La herida oscura (N/A, 2021) This is a pre-release track from a record coming out in October and for some reason Apple Music doesn’t want to cough the track up so I’m reduced to the GooglePimpTube. Ah well. Ms. Baca is an almost 80 year old woman from Peru and they’re presenting the track with lush and spacious Daniel Lanois types of feels. She sings midtempo and is accompanied by a nylon string guitar and a hand drummer. I love her voice and all the subtlety she brings to her craft but the main demographic here is people with really good paying jobs trying to bring a bit of flavor to their brunches. When you make epic the sounds it’s a complicated decision, I think. I like the violin part that comes in for the second half of the song and that’s where I’m at. I would listen to more of this when it comes out in October while recognizing that the way these sounds are put together is not the only way to put those sounds together.

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