Music for 8/11/21!!! NAS, Liars

@@@ Nas: 40 Side (Mass Appeal, 2021) I haven’t heard anything by NAS in a long long time, but he still going and he remains an impressive and legendary figure in NYC hip hop. Sounds here are updated, neither trap nor straight NYC retro ’90s business. Very stylish bass sound with skittering hats in contrast. I like it without jumping up and down. The player clicked through to the fourth song, EPMD 2, where the old school group EPMD makes a guest appearance as well as Eminem who brings some super bounce to his turn on the mic. This track really lifts itself up, especially when Eminem hits it rhyming off the arrangement. I’m guessing bunches of youth out there don’t know Nas and who and where he represents but there’s solid business on what I heard.

@@@ Liars: Sekwar (Mute, 2021) Saw these guys profiled on the Guardian, throw ’em a peep! Slotted as alternative on the Apple Music, it opens with an elastic melody, a shuffle beat, some rock guitar and low voiced Tom Waits via London Bridge. I’m most intrigued by the beat, there’s very little if any funk and rhythmic sophistication to rock these days but it’s here and I give some respect to that. It brings a piano and flattens out into a stylistic pancake and a bit of chanting. I had higher hopes in the beginning but it sorta stays in its lane when I could use a change to the beat and something to break the track and then inspire a return to it. I clicked around a wee bit and it’s rockier, with the focus on guitars and further expanding the bucket of space rock available to the masses. I’m listening in my studio and the production is super lush and impressive so if you’re a space rock guy or gal get up on this horsie and ride.

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