Music for 8/10/21!!! Lava La Rue, Andrea Von Kampen

@@@ Lava La Rue: Magpie (Marathon Artists, 2021) A last listen off this week’s Line of Best Fit. It’s slotted as indie pop in the Apple Music but to me somebody is injecting some heavy hip hop looping flavors up in this track. After a sung intro Ms. La Rue does indeed break into some rhyming. I like this, it’s both weird and funky and mashes British Beatle type trippy vibes with black musics. I like the melding of big vocal melodies with loops in the middle and funk on the bottom. This is a 5 song EP and the track clipped below is the best of what I sampled. The third track Goofy Hearts Club caught my ear as well. Big ups to whoever who put these sounds together.

@@@ Andrea Von Kampen: That Spell (Fantasy, 2021) I got to this track via a music publicist email. Concord/Fantasy has pretty much become the go to outlet for rock, classic rock, adult alternative adult music, etc for people with good jobs neat living spaces and this track is no exception. I will not go on and about finger snaps and these are pretty restrained finger snaps but combined with the coffee shop strummed acoustic (very well recorded btw) and the vocals it’s a staid affair. Flavor coffee staid. There are a couple of horn lines, non macho affairs but good garnish that I dig. Like the guitar sound most of all and don’t love the vocal delivery that much. Feel the horn.

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