Music for 8/5/21!!! Jahrukus, Marc Houle, Slowdown Molasses

@@@ Jahrukus: Ashes to Ashes (Soul Messin’, 2021) I’ve not heard of Jahrukus but I’m feeling his simultaneously bouncy/laidback old school reggae feels as he covers a David Bowie tune. His ability to take someone else’s tune and then making it his own is impressive. Very impressive and he does it effortlessly. Sounds here are tight and Jahrukus’ flow on the microphone is impeccably stylish, as stylish as the Thin Duke himself or maybe even more so. This is excellent and folks should check it out.

@@@ Marc Houle: Gratiot (Sound of Berlin\Embassy One, 2021) Some techno I got to via a music publicist email. This tracked is blurbed as residing in the both the experimental/minimal techno neighborhood at the very same time. It opens with the classic four on the floor kick drum, a funky brief melody and some clouds floating around. At some point I think we’re gonna get some classic high hat action and oops, there’s the bass. I think I want more out of the bass here as he’s got a great funky melody but the bass is pulsing like it’s a white boy rock track. Shame on ye! I get that this is a dance track and it’s designed to move booty but the experimental label should be removed from this as I don’t hear that. It’s very straight which is fine but let’s be honest here.

@@@ Slowdown Molasses: Some Fine Action (Self-released, 2021) A blend of uptempo indie guitar rock and squally Sonic Youth feels. Very nice drum sound as well as bass tone. Equal measures sweet and noisy, it’s a classic formula that rock listeners have heard dozens if not hundreds of times before. Me personally I can’t get by on a restatement of the classic formula and any addition of any sort would be welcome to me. There’s a stylish dual guitar shredding outro but for me it comes a bit late. I know folks love this formula so check it out if you do, this is for the hardcore shoegaze/punkers.

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