Music for 7/29/21!!! Pom Pom Squad, Deem Spencer

@@@ Pom Pom Squad: Death of a Cheerleader (City Slang, 2021) Some pretty rote power pop punk I got to via Vice’s best albums of 2021 thus far. Crunchy guitars, female singer with a droll delivery and a whole lotta vocal melodies. The third track, Crying, is supposed to be the clearest example of its genius combining a string, orchestral opening that gives way to the aforementioned power pop punk formula. The two styles aren’t integrated so it’s weird to me as it’s just a brief string opening that segues. WTF? It’s perfectly serviceable in what it does but I’m not a huge fan of the singer’s delivery. So solid B. Some PR douche got this record on the list.

@@@ Deem Spencer: Deem’s Tape (The Flower Shop, 2021) Also off a Vice list but hip hop this time. I’m digging Spencer’s bouncy slightly against the grain delivery over some tasty keyboard vamping. The dreaminess continues in the second tune but you get a chill beat and if I’m not mistaken he’s going for a lofi bedroom/hip hop thing and is pulling it off for the most part. His flow on the mic is sloppy and relentless, that’s how I would characterize it. I really like the front of the record is outstanding but it fades a little bit as it moves through the list of tunes but I could be wrong and I’m going to check this record out more when I get a chance.

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