Music for 7/22/21!!! La Luz, Abstract Mindstate

@@@ La Luz: In the Country (Harly Art, 2021) Twatter! A pre-release track from an indie hipster upcoming full length banger. This track is a surf-y slower track with female vocals. Plenty of twang to be had here in the guitar neighborhood, a little electro synth garnish and some California hippie style vocal harmonizing. I think that’s the money shot right there, people dig that harmonizing. I’m agnostic on it, neither be hatin’ nor lovin’ it. It’s an all right tune, I just wish it had more energy — maybe a faster tempo or something to contrast all those vocals and electro garnish.

@@@ Abstract Mindstate: A Wise Tale (Yzy Snd, 2021) Same here, via the Twatter! This for me is a dream as I get to hear Kanye West’s sounds without hearing Kanye West! Big plus for me. I thought this was an album but it’s a single with an fresh faced sounding MC over a soul based arrangement including a male whoo hoo. Multiple MCs are revealed as the song progresses with a female MC I like a whole bunch. It sounds like pitches the sample down in the chorus and back up in the verse, that’s an interesting move while making the chorus a bit stranger and weirder. Kanye West is nothing if not strange and weird and while I like the sounds I prefer the MCs and think they shine here.

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