Music for 7/21/21!!! Benoit Delbecq, Patrick Paige II

@@@ Benoit Delbecq: The Weight of Light (Pyroclastic, 2021) I saw this French pianist’s new record shouted out on the Twatter. There’s a whole blurb on this record on Apple Music and I bet there’s more explanation on the interwebz but it’s a solo piano record that uses various prepared piano techniques to generate percussive tones to go along with melodic ideas. The video below is an almost 10 minute banger and I dig it. I want to hop around a bit to see if the rest of the record is of similar structure and quality. I’m checking out the first track called The Loop of Chicago and it’s pretty high quality. The clarity of sound and spaciousness here certainly helps you enter into the music and remain engaged. Check this out, it’s soothing and pulls you in at the same time.

@@@ Patrick Paige II: Whisper (Fat Possum, 2021) I got to this via the twatter! It was shouted by an indie music tastemaker, wow what an oxymoron — indie music and taste in the same sentence. Out on Fat Possum means it’s gotta be connected to classic punk, funk or soul music. I love the bass sound here and the rhyming is chill (with delay) and it evokes retro hip hop and funk more than it does trap and more modern hip hop subgenres. Even significant Parliament/Funkadelic feels. I moved from the back end of the record to the third tune Big Plays and it’s a whole ‘nother trip. Trappy, quick rhymes, boasting, all the updated flavors. Lots of guests here so I’m wondering if Paige is the producer and he subcontracts the rhymes. I like black music of all flavors and I like this all right without jumping up and down. Have a slight preference for the old school track as that’s less commmon than new style trap product.

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