Music for 7/20/21!!! Bonniesongs, Theo Crocker

@@@ Bonniesongs: Ice Cream (Small Pond, 2019) I’m on the mailing list for many non-American music periodicals and I got to this track via an online music magazine out of Australia. This is some modified rock and I believe I hear cowbell — oh glorious cowbell, the perfect hand percussion. Most notable is Bonniesongs’ voice which is almost painfully waif-ish, she sounds less than 10 years old. This is not a put down it’s an observation of the tone of her voice. If you took her out of the track it would be a pretty ordinary. The track is a celebration of ice cream, and both ironically and fittingly she’ll have vanilla! That about concludes the review right there. Straight rock beat with a schmear of cowbell, a fair amount of electric guitar and the waif voice! Will you have vanilla??? It’s up to you.

@@@ Theo Croker: (Sony Music, 2021) I saw this jazz trumpeter shouted out on the Twatter. Love the Twatter! Wow, this is a trip. Snippets of what sounds like an indigenous drum circle opens the track and then is played along with by the musicians on the track at the same tempo. I’m not sure what to think of that. Otherwise it’s a bottom heavy straight jazz/jazz fusion-y type formula. The drum circle is brought in again and I don’t think I like the effect it produces. Croker is the trumpeter here and he’s all right, it’s hard to compete with how much is going on this track but it’s more of an ensemble piece with the solo laid over it. Like the bass player, don’t love the snare sound, and the trumpet sounds a bit weird and kinda cool at the same time.

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