Music for 7/19/21!!! Quantic and Nidia Gongora, Dag Tenere, Celia Wa

@@@ QUANTIC AND NIDIA GONGORA: Balada Borracha (Tru Thoughts, 2021) I got to all three of today’s listens from WRIR’s weekly playlist email. A Latin music track fully realized with a large ensemble and multiple voices, percussion, the whole schlemiel. Even an electric guitar with fx for a modern feel! This is a stew and one that I have very few if any objections. I like that the singer is not the most epic and soaring performer — she has a bit of gravel and real world in her voice. They do an interesting thing where it sounds as if they slow the track down en masse and slightly and then bring it back up to speed. Check this out and I hope the rest of the record is as good as this.

@@@ DAG TENERE: Tihoussay Tenere (Nomada, 2021) Some west African guitar centered music presented in a pretty intimate manner. This style is centered around long serpentine guitar lines and call and response vocal lines. Hand drumming too! All of these features are on display here with at least three electric guitar tracks and brisk hand drumming. Ooh, in addition there’s some subtle showing off turned in by the bass player and I hear you doing that and I am enjoying it. The tune goes out with the distortion box on and plenty of energy. The player clicked through while I looked up my last listen and a female singer gets the microphone really changing up the energy and vibe of this track.

@@@ Celia Wa: Over (Heavenly Sweetness, 2021) Opening up with shaker, flute and a large stack of vocal tracks. Ms. Wa hails originally from Guadalupe but she lives in Paris mixing up all manner of sounds into a world music dancefloor style. This is another stew similar to the first track but mostly all electro sounds. I appreciate how this track (to my ears) is evenly split between electro and world music elements so that lack of tilt really yields something fresher because it’s neither this with a splash of that nore that with a splash of this. I like it.

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