Music for 7/17/21!!! Okute, Vince Staples

@@@ Okute: Quiere La Rumba (Chulo, 2021) Some old school rumba with rock guitar tones pimped out with very stylish production values. Hand drumming high in the mix, you gotta appreciate that. These guys are establishing a massive groove and the daylight between the Latin music and African music is thin indeed. Somebody unleashes a massive keyboard solo in complete rock star fashion. There’s a lot of really good shit going on here and I”m going to check out more of this record when I get a chance. I suggest you do the same. I’m checking out the opening track sporting a female singer and the feels are just as sticky and awesome.

@@@ Vince Staples: Are You With That? (Motown/UMG, 2021) Staples looks like he’s gonna enter this tune into the track of the summer with this lilting hip hop funky nugget. Whoever chose that circus type keyboard sound that sort of breathes and is murky and chewy should get a bonus as it really separates the track from the crowd. Staples is relaxed and reflective on the microphone, I can see this placing in the sweepstakes.

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