Music for 7/18/21!!! Bicentennial Drug Lord, Sofi Tukker

@@@ Bicentennial Drug Lord: Confessed the Sheets (N/A, 2021) Music publicist email people! This is a pre-release track from a record out at the end of August and it’s not up on the Apple Music and I don’t usually do this but you’ll have to listen to the GooglePimpTube video below. Unfortunately as Google and YouTube blow chunks, both spiritually and sonically. It opens up pretty retro rock with folk feels with some big acoustic guitar strums and chill vocal melodies. There is an analog synth in there and a machine drum rhythm so it might explode into an updated Friends themed television show theme. I kid I kid!!! The chorus is massive but it’s not Friends. See my face when you’re walking around, that’s the vocal hook. Meh. It’s got a quaint heartfelt rock feel I appreciate but rock is in a tough place right now so I appreciate them running up the hill.

@@@ Sofi Tukker and Amadou and Miriam: Mon Cheri (Red Hot, 2021) I can’t remember how I got to this but Imma Amadou and Mariam fan. We get some vocals autotuned and processed into a pleasant robot-y sound as the dancefloor banging beats build in the background. I certainly hope Amadou and Miriam bring their funk and don’t participate in this space age robot jam but I”m not hopeful. I like it more when the vocals die back and the beat shows up with Amadou and Miriam (I think) singing long tones mixed too low over a massive wall of beats. About 2/3s of the way through Amadou is audible and overall it’s a bit of a jumble here. Either I’m confused or the tune is but check for yourself and email me.

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