Music for 7/16/21!!! Aaron Lewis, Sam Fender, John Mayer

@@@ Aaron Lewis: Am I the Only One (N/A, 2021) It’s only fitting that a dude who fronted a band called Staind wrote a track bemoaning Confederate statue removal. It’s a country ditty with dual acoustic guitars and soaring vocal lines defending what is commonly known as the ‘white’ way of life, fighting fighting fighting was this prick at the Capitol riot. I would be more sympathetic if he didn’t repeatedly shout out Confederate monuments being removed. Ah, there’s a sad fiddle tucked in at the end. Look man, the fuckers commemorated in those statues fought to own humans, so just fuck off. You are one of the only ones so go be sad with your friends.

@@@ Sam Fender: Seventeen Going Under (Polydor, 2021) Another track from music biz honcho Bob Lefsetz who has shockingly bad taste but somehow I keep listening to the tracks he suggests. This is a retro rock banger out of the UK area with a beat straight as an arrow, some big major label whoa hos and a Springsteen-esque saxophone tucked in the back. The beat morphs into a rolling march beat on the snare which I like but this really is a trip back in the time machine to resurrect the spirit of big big rawk. I was never a fan but if you are here’s a shiny nugget of big big rawk for ya earholes.

@@@ John Mayer: Shot in the Dark (Columbia, 2021) Oy, I think we should pass the hat to collect a little bread in an effort to get John Mayer to retire. Regular readers know how I struggle with the comfort music, the music that almost wipes your ass for you, the macaroni and cheese that will rot your mind. This is an album devoted to sounds from the 1980s and this track is a loverboy thing with long Covid energy. Sleepy, slow with an occasioanl electric guitar melody. God I gotta get out of here. Oy, I recommend folks steer clear, this is a dangerous corporate biscuit.

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