Music for 7/15/21!!! Jennifer Lopez, Snoh Alaegra

@@@ Jennifer Lopez: Cambia el Paso ( , 2021) Swimsuit queen, Puerto Rican MILF goddess has really turned into more of a singer than an actress. I’ve checked out her tracks before and I appreciate she sings in Spanish but this track is a bit less dynamic than other ones I”ve checked out. Maybe she has to dumb down the beats for her super blanco boyfriend Ben Affleck!!! We kid, we kid. The repeating synth melody gets a bit tiresome, I like the beat, and I’m agnostic on her singing, it’s a bit repetitive the vibe of the track that is.

@@@ Snoh Aalegra: Neon Peach (Roc Nation, 2021) Wow, somebody took the Michael Jackson pop funk style and ran with it. I never really loved the formula in the first place but Tyler the Creator guests on this track and his last record is fire. It’s a straight beat spiced up with some percussion, a fair amount of melody all wrapped up in a chill feel. Tyler definitely elevates the track with his rhyming, he’s quite skilled and shit and I should not finish up this review without mentioning that my mild disdain for the funk pop formula is a personal preference and that tens of millions and even billions love the Michael Jackson jam sauce!

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