Music for 7/14/21!!! backxwash, DJ Shub

@@@ Backxwash: I LIE HERE BURIED WITH MY RINGS and DRESSES (Ugly Hag, 2021) Slotted as hip hop on the Apple Music to my ears it’s more of a rhythmic metal smashed into hip hop. It’s a very crunchy mix, super compressed which is not uncommon but I don’t love it. Lots of guest vocalists so I’m guessing Backxwash is the producer and she/he/they have tons of guests as sprinkles on the ice cream cone. Let me peep another track. If the beats were funkier I would be more into these arrangements, the beats are pretty straight and tilt it white for loss of a better word. Shit does get funkier on the fourth tune, Terror Packets, where the lyrics revolve around a person transitioning from one gender to another. I like this best of what I heard and I got to this via a music festival announcement where Backxwash will be appearing.

@@@ DJ Shub: War Club (Shub Music, 2020) On the same festival announcement DJ Shub, inventor of an electronic subgenre that combines indigenous business with electronic music. I’m intrigued by the first tune intro, where the keyboard could be something off a 1970’s Who record while trap beats and big drums thunder. Also some turntablism. Yowsa, the second tune (clipped below) hits and it’s bombastic and overwhelming with gigantic synth patches, MCs, and an overall pumped feel. I didn’t want to reflexively compare this music to that of a Tribe Called Red, but there are personnel connections between the two projects so I will give a shout to that outfit as they really dropped some fire. There’s a lot of sound stuffed into these tracks and it is its own special brand of funky. I will be checking it out more deeply when I have a chance and if you like super rhythmic music you might find a home with this record.

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