Music for 7/11/21!!! FLOHIO, Brian Nasty

@@@ Flohio: Stuck in a Dances (ColorsXStudios, 2021) I got to these two listens today via the UK electronic music magazine, Crack. The most obvious question here is this MC from Ohio and her name is a shout out to that great stae? Noop. She’s got a UK accent and she’s rocking both rhymes and half sung mode. The arrangement consists mostly of skittering hats, cloudy synths and background vocals. Let us not neglect the bass here, which is a bit more restrained than some recent trap examples. It’s an all right track, I’m not jumping up and down but it’s all right. I like the second song of this single more than the opener.

@@@ Brian Nasty: Heart Emoji (Self-released, 2020) More hip hop off the Crack Magazine weekly shout. Solid arrangement that focuses more on self-empowerment and love than it does on og lifestylez. I really like the lo-fi buzzy synth keyboard patch chosen for this tune. It wheezes and punches through the mix really well. Bright funky beats and optimistic energy on the microphone. Love that synth, solid arrangment, little too upbeat on the microphone for me personally.

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