Music for 7/10/21!!! Chasu, Big Boi/Sleepy Brown

@@@ Chasu: Sweet Decay (777 Music, 2021) Some indie r&b type business from a Korean American or Korean person. I got to this via a music publicist email. It’s an interesting blend of r&b type sounds and indie bedroom flavors. After an intimate verse it blossoms out to a full band sounding thing while retaining a lot of reverb on Chasu’s voice. I really like how the tones here and they end up flattering pretty basic song structures. Pretty basic song structures is not an insult, it’s an observation. Chasu’s voice doesn’t work great for me, it’s just a tad too reverbed and bit breathy, but that’s just me, I’m dead inside.

@@@ Big Boi, Sleepy Brown: “lowercase (no cap)” (Purple Ribbon, 2021) I don’t know why I can’t find this track on Apple Music but I can’t. It comes out brisk with stylish beats and three MCs hitting the microphone to tell us all how awesome they and their lifestyle is. I am no hip hop expert but I’m a pretty knowledgeable funk listener and I believe you could draw a straight line from this track back to Parliament/Funkadelic. Has a bit more of a band feel than a trap feel. No offense to the trap traffickers out there. Oh yeah, I found it on Apple Music and it sounds so much more delicious than the audio on GooglePimpTube. Here I was thinking that Twerkulator might be song of the summer but this tune surely qualifies. It’s got all manner of energy going on — hook in the chorus, microphone energy and a very stylish arrangement.

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