Music for 7/8/21!!! Helvetia, Acid Coco

@@@ Helvetia: New Mess (Joyful Noise, 2021) This track was left over from some other day so I cut and pasted it for review today and I can’t recall where the origianl mention of this record came from. I think from All Music. This is the third track of the record and it’s classic fuzzy indie business. I really like the tones here, tasty fuzzy guitars and well recorded drums. I’m clicking around the first quarter of this recording and I like it. There’s a little Neil Young in places, even a little Beatles in the arrangements of one track but overall the sounds here really help the record go over the top. I’m not a huge fan of the genre and it evokes literally hundreds of bands but I like it all right, it has a freshness to it. Essentail Aliens, the title of this record, might really work for you indie rock folks out there.

@@@ Acid Coco: Mucho Gusto (El Palmas Music, 2021) Some danceable world music off this week’s WRIR playlist email. To my ears these are cumbias with a pleasant Casio keyboard feel. Female singer, both slinky and clunky drum machine beats, a little traditional string playing, that’s the basic formula. I like the elements here and I like the way they’re put together. There are different synth sounds and tempos from song to song so there’s variation to the proceedings.

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