Music for 7/5/21!!! Delta Nove, Tosin Abasi and Ivan Chopik

@@@ Delta Nove: Big Sky (Self-released, 2021) Off a music publicist email. These guys are blurbed as a world music funk outfit and I get that. This is a reggae flavored track with bits of funk and fratness in there. Oops that was the tune after, my Apple Music player fucked me. Not hard but it fucked me for sure. This second and really is the tune clipped below is truer to the blurb as it’s equal parts New Orleand funk/rr&b and rock feels. I don’t love the singer, he appears to be straining to carry the weight of the vocalist and he doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself on the microphone. It’s not tragic but I’m not pumped up by his flow. I have a sense that these guys are a long running jam band with a lot of gigs under their belt as they’re very tight.

@@@ Tosin Abasi and Ivan Chopik: Archetype (Self released, 2019) I got to this track via a marketing email from a a music equipment company.. It’s a proggy metal kinda thing with plenty of guitar pig squeals, Neil Peart style drumming with occasional flashes of power and show off-y bits here and there. Abasi (pictured below) I’m guessing rocks both the killer shreddy melodic playing, the ambient washes and the occasional burst of power chord madness. An updated version of Joe Satriani guitar nerd porn, I’m agnostic on it, appreciating the trickery while not feeling viscerally moved.

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