Music for 7/3/21!!! Rema

@@@ Rema: Soundgasm (Jonzing World, 2021) I got to this hip hop musician from Benin City in Africa via the British music magazine Crack where I find a surprisingly high amount of great electronic music and hip hop. It’s a loverboy track with world music vibes. I like the drum machine beat, the bass is most definitely not a gigantic booty shaking bass though it’s not light on low end. There’s a little guitar vamp and a few quick melodic runs which I don’t love. As far as Rema he’s got a solid grip on the microphone rhythmically, no fumbling or weirdness there. I want to like it more than I do, maybe I struggle a bit with the super loverboy tracks. It’s not quite the soundgasm I dreamed of.

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