Music for 6/26/21!!! Erika de Casier, Madlib

@@@ Erika de Casier: Drama (4AD, 2021) Off Gorilla vs. Bears top 10 of the first six months of the year. It’s chill blue eyed electronica with some ironed out indie electric guitars. I guess she texted late at night, and made some troublesome phone calls and now she has regrets about the drama she has called. The beat is my favorite part of the song, I don’t love the glassy vocal style so breathy and Tay Tay-esque. Also once it gets established it doesn’t really evolve which make is more meh for me.

@@@ Madlib: Sound Inventions (Madlib Invazion, 2021) Off the same Gorilla Vs. Bear best of the 2021 thus far. I’ve sample three songs as I begin this pocket review and to me it’s refried soul/funk with retro beats, I mean 15-20 year old style beats. Thwappy snare, vocal harmonizing. To my ears it’s trying to be funkier and more sophisticated than it really is. Really on the snare levels here, I can barely hear the vocals and shit. I wish this was more thought out. I let the player move as I finished up here and I do dig this trick Loose Goose and it’s wacky woodwinds/kazoo, the beats are nice and the way it all locks together. There are probably a couple of other good tracks in here so it’s looking like a mixed bag.

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