Music for 6/24/21!!! Macka B, Lung

@@@ Macka B: My Father’s People (Before Zero Records, 2021) Some folks might dismiss Macka B as a vegan anthem maker as he’s a skilled reggae musician covering a variety of topics. Here he goes full roots with a praise track for famous African rulers. A sticky arrangement with classic Marley era type sounds and instrumentation. It’s a rarity to see the full reggae ensemble pull off the old school formula but I’m a Macka B fan due to his energy on the microphone and here his comfort and flavor is well showcased. He’s listed here along side Kibir La Amlak who I know nothing of and I will have to check his bio out. While I’m doing that fans of the roots reggae should peep this!

@@@ Lung: Sun God (Sofa Burn, 2021) I got to what they’re referring to as an art punk cello project or something very close to that via a music publicist email. I’m guessing this cello has been rammed through a distortion box which makes a distorted guitar type sound but sludgier and bowed. Drums here are up high and very clear which contrasts well with the cello scrapings on offer. The female singer is solid but she’s a bit drowned out by the drummer who might have mixed this bad boy. I’m agnostic on this, like parts of it and don’t love other parts of it. I think the cello should not be an acoustic cello part but it shouldn’t be so close to sounding like an electric guitar.

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