Music for 6/22/21!!! Wolf Alice, Migos, Chai

@@@ Wolf Alice: LIpstick on the Glass (RCA/Sony, 2021) This record is getting a fair amount of space, especially in the Guardian and UK outlets. This is the third track of the record and it opens up as ambient rock, not alienated in the established Radiohead style and more in the hopeful New Age kinda way. Not openly but a bit. It would be better for me if the female singer wasn’t presented in such a dreamy manner, especially in the verse. The vocals dominate here as the other components are pretty straight forward. Oasis-y type drumming not standing out and nothing in the guitar area that particularly stands out. So color me not up for this, I’m sure they’re great people and everybody who loves them is really great too. It’s barely disguised arena rock and low energy at that.

@@@ Migos: Modern Day (UMG, 2021) I haven’t heard the Migos track that makes me understand their genius as I know they’re huge but I’m always open to that track. This track is exquisitely manicured sonically. As usual I have no clue what they’re rapping about — a few mentions of big pipes and coochie, and then uppity behavior from other neezies. And that uppity behavior must be put down. There’s some vocals as in 1 or 2 words spoken that are reverbed out and placed behind the rhymes with an exquisite reverb patch, I find the trippy sauce of the arrangement to be far more interesting than the rhymes. It’s a straight boast track which is fine but big respect for whoever arranged and mixed this track, they’re the stars here. I’m stuffin’ dick in the back of this ho, that’s a line that jumped out at me.

@@@ CHAI: Donuts Mind If I Do (Sub Pop, 2020) Chill ’80s synth pop with a vocoder melody (or something similar to a vocoder) and a singer that is Asian but sounds very young (or also like one of the Alvin and the Chipmunks if you’ve heard that business). Overall, cloudy synths, bubblegum synths, a young singer and you get a sonic escape into a bubblegum world of falling in love. Things I like — the bass part and the bass player. I like when the singer goes high in the chorus though overall I find the way she’s presented to be a bit much. And as I type I think I’m hearing some cowbell in my left ear of my headphones. Let’s hear it for cowbells and the awesomeness of them. I’ve never understood the fondness hipsters have for this type of stuff. I have nothing against I just don’t find it very interesting.

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