Music for 6/19/21!!! Phoebe Bridgers

@@@ Phoebe Bridgers: Punisher (Dead Oceans, 2020) I don’t know if there’s some time delayed reaction or some undercover PR campaign but I’ve been unable to take a shit without seeing Phoebe Bridgers name. Oh, when that second tune Garden Song hits I totally get it — a perfect, faded and hopeful sound for the middle of a pandemic. It’s both comforting and meaningful for a certain segement of our society, the white part of which I am a member. The third tune, Kyoto, takes the retro indie rock formula and puts a string arrangement behind the guitars and double tracks the vocals. I totally get why you can’t take a shit without encounting Bridgers, it’s spoon ready for the bearded crowd. We’re back to the ambient business on the title track, Punisher, and I promise this will be the last tune as I can’t take much more. It’s me, it’s perfectly fine music it’s just not for me at all. The best criticism of this record would involve food — no contrast. Sweet and spicy, vinegar and onions, crunchy and soft, you dig? This is more dessert than a meal. A little piece of a brownie, I get it, but a whole tray, I don’t think so.

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