Music for 6/18/21!!!! Deb Never, Emotional Oranges, Mac Wetha

@@@ Deb Never: Disassociate (Moonlanding. 2021) These listens are from the Line of Best Fit weekly email. Some guitar driven pop with a classic rock guitar part and then trap rhythms with a fat bass. Ms. Never rocks a breathy style, she’s not about to cream herself but she’s breathy. The song expands outward in the chorus until it is a full pop erection. Lyrically, well it’s internal, her feelings or not feeling much and back and forth. It feels like something’s missing…demons, wake me when it’s over, scared to death of growing older, yadda yadda yadda, fragments of familiar feels. Half bigly guitar solo and some rock drums. I like the acoustic guitar, trap combo platter, I like the drum machine in verse/drummer in chorus, don’t like the lyrics, the chorus is bit cheesy. This one’s for the normies.

@@@ Emotional Oranges: Down to Miami (UMG, 2021) Opens with a guitar vamp, then a chill boombaton Latin drum machine beat and right up in yer grill vocal recording style. I like how the guitar and the drum machine mesh. A gent comes in and he’s kinda begging to fly out to Miami so you know…they can fornicate and shit. They start out well but they start layering in the vocal tracks like it’s a middle school lasagna. Really a summer chill vibe. I don’t want to be a bummer but get down to Miami while you can because the ocean is rising and that shit is headed underwater. For real unfortunately. Light like a cultured fart from Prince Harry.

@@@ Mac Wetha: Wayside (Dirty Hits, 2021) Super creamy rich male voice sounding like that dude from Tears for Fears. A lot like that dude, a lot. He’s on a saddie trip here with a straight rock drumming and a lot of arpeggiated guitar sounds. It’s updated ’80s rock and while it’s executed well the energy is lower rather than higher and I feel like putting on a nubby sweater and applying for a job denying claims at a health insurance company. He goes falsetto at points in the track and while I’m circumspectly taking a piss on this, there is a huge market for this sort of suburban baby food. I made it to the end minus 35 seconds which I think is pretty good.

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