Music for 6/15/21!!! Elissa Mielke, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, The Body

@@@ Elissa Mielke: Kind of Thing (slashie/Mom and Pop, 2021) Via Pitchfork on the Twatter! Take a trip back in time to the faded rock of the mid t late ’70s, this tune driven by a piano but very similar melodies and feels. I’m not sure that the addition of more voices is gonna make it better for me. This is for fake sophisticated people with high paying jobs who drink red wine in big glasses. You’re the kind of thing I used to sing about, that’s the vocal hook. Isn’t she singing about that kind of thing right now? Oy, very circular.

@@@ Nick Cave and Warren Ellis: Carnage (AWAL, 2021) Off this week’s Guardian list of best recordings of 2021. The New York Times has the worst music coverage of all but the Guardian is not opposed to pushing up biscuits. This is a continuation of Nick Cave’s somber, wise, post junkie deity flow that began a few years ago. I love aspects of this period, most notably the synth sounds and (guitar also on this track?) — they pulsate as if almost alive. As the tune continues, there is more electro garnish and then a string arrangement. Maybe if there were different lyrics and different arrangements it wouldn’t feel so overwrought. I understand that Nick Cave is one of the few artists to make hay on the contemplative sadness aesthetic but I could use a bit more variety and a little less drama. More distortion, some anger swirled in there. I’m suspicious of those folks who talk about the epic unfairness and cruelty of life without a trace of anger. What the fuck? Fuck off!

@@@ The Body: Eschatological Imperative (Thrill Jockey, 2021) Blurbed as experimental heavy music this track at least at the beginning feels like somebody hit the smash button on the compressors and just splatted all the sounds. Which I’m not opposed to! It’s driven by a simple, almost caveman drumbeat and layered over that are these epic doomy bass and guitar sounds, or a combination thereof. It’s like the White Stripes dry humped a doom metal band. Let me peep a couple of tracks and see if the rhythms are more exciting. As far as I’m concerned if you’re going to have a duo both folks have to be hittin’ it hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock. I’m on the second track ‘Tied Up and Locked In’ and it’s the same formula — delicious distortion and caveman drumming. I just want more chaos from the drummer to match the chaos of the other dude. Is that too much to ask?

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