Music for 6/14/21!!! India Jordan, GoGo Penguin, The Bots

@@@ India Jordan: Watch Out! (Ninja Tune, 2021) I got to the first two listens today via an All Music notable release email from a couple of weeks ago and the third listen is from a music publicist email. This track opens up modified drum ‘n bass, chilled a bit, served up with a thick carpet of blanket-y synth patches. Beats fade out, you drift on those synth sounds, and then I’m guessing we’re gonna return back to those beats. Boom, and with a siren this time around. I like the beats all right, it could use some funky bass — move some booty with that AND the beats. It feels long unfortunately.

@@@ GoGo Penguin: Kora (Blue Note, 2021) This is a blend of improvisation and New Age sounds that ends up sounding a lot like chill frat boy rock. It always seems to come out sounding that way. Drums, bass, piano, and that may have been a processed guitar sound up in there. As somebody who listens to a lot of jazz this is a bit of a sad statement to see this music out on the Blue Note imprint. Oy. It’s like a big ass bowl of macaroni and white cheddar cheese. Just as an example, I’m listening and just wondering if the drummer knows any variations on this beat. Okay, I’m out.

@@@ The Bots: See It (Big Indie, 2021) I thought this was going to be a punk rave up, and it is, but it’s heavily tilted in the Devo crossed with a video game tradition. I like the chorus much more than verse — I’ll do much better when I see it. It sports a squashed/compressed sound to the mix to raise the pressure on the track, that’s a slight negative, like the singer and the drummer and am a bit tired out by the guitar part.

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