Music for 6/8/21!!! Susie Ibarra, St. Vincent, Georgia Ann Mulgrew

@@@ Susie Ibarra: Talking Gong (New Focus, 2021) This is the title track Ibarra’s recently released record and it’s a 16 minute improvised banger. I’ve heard Ibarra’s music before and have liked it. Here the track opens softly with some vibe like percussion before giving way to a piano and drum kit drumming. The pianist is Alex Peh who I have not heard before and I’m liking his playing. The trio is rounded out with Claire Chase on flute in this track. So back to the track which had a more rocking part before moving back into ambient business. Energetically the piece is all over the place which I’m fine with. I did, however, enjoy the beginning part of the track more than the midde and the latter third.

@@@ St. Vincent: Daddy’s Home (Loma Vista, 2021) I may be mistaken but St. Vincent appears to carry some sort of torch for white people. It’s interesting to hear this after Ms. Mulgrew’s record as this is similar but stripped of the thickness and is a skinnier stick. It’s rockier and I like it more than I expected but I don’t love it. I think she’s heard a lot of Prince records and she’s done all right digesting them but I don’t think I can see my way to feel the same as those who really are into her. From the image below and the sounds presented to me she’s going for a post hippie, ’70s sleazy rock with a few pubes of funk up in there.

@@@ Georgia Ann Mulgrew: Mufaro’s Garden (Epistrophik Sound, 2021) We’re gonna start our listening from bottom to top today because, because. This is track 10 off her new album and it sounds a bunch like chilled out Parliament. Not a copy, just reminds me of that music. Certainly a thick stew with vibes, bass that punches through and drums up in the mix. Let me peep around a little more to see if there is any vocalizations going on here but this could be a strong album for the summer season. I’m checking out track 4 Slave Revoltalleway Boom and it’s thick instrumental funk though this is slotted as r&b/soul. This track is trippier with some spring reverbed sounds and a lot plinking. I dig this and think folks should check this out, it’s quality. Interesting, energetic, creative.

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