Music for 6/6/21!!! Body Meta

@@@ Body Meta: The Work is Slow (Hausu Mountain, 2021) I seen this on the Twatter pumped out by the Pitchfork, by the Pitchfrank, etc. It’s proggy slack rock with a little alt country in it. I’m feeling this drummer, he/she/they is active and I like the guitar in my left ear that’s more ambient. Oh Lord, this first tune is an almost 15 minute banger, I got shits to do I may have to peep a bit and then move on. Oh my, they’re all big bangers, oy. The second tune lets up on the prog and goes more aggro with a delicious bass tone and some distortion pedal on the guitar, I’m feeling this big banger. I’m not a huge buyer of this style but these guys rock the instrumental prog business well. It’s thoughtful, varying in tones and moods. Maybe a bit too nerdy for me but that’s just me, I like a hot mess. Not hot dog mess but a hot mess so maybe I’m a bit overburdened by the restraint shown here.

Hey, check out this podcast if you dig this blog, it’s not your usual cup of warmed over music biz urine.

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