Music for 6/5/21!!! Anz, Breland

@@@ Anz: Morphing Into Brighter (OTMI, 2021) I got to this artist via Crack Magazine and the tremendous transmission of low end/low frequency material in this track is impressive. Shades of old school drum ‘n bass business but also hip hop pitch shifted voices it’s a celebration of percussion and energy. As well as some thinly disguised Prince style funk. It takes about 90 seconds but it surely does morph into a long melody supported by another stew of thick rhythms. I also checked out the first track of the single Unravel in the Designated Zone and it’s different but stronger with that long melody that gets punched up underneath. Tight tight snare sound and bass that just pushes your ass around.

@@@ Breland: Throw it Back (Atlantic, 2021) In the wake of NAS black cowboy smash hit which I didn’t feel at all, a black dude brings the drum machine and the rhyming and swirls it in with the country redneck business. I’m all for mixing shit up, but why these two things are getting smashed is a bit beyond me, it seems extra. I got to this via music honcho Bob Lefsetz who claims this should be a hit. Breland (the MC) can indeed put a lot of energy into the microphone so I give respect to that but the rest….meh. Especially the banjo solo, oy.

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