Music for 6/3/21!!! Rachel Chinouriri, Black Midi

@@@ Rachel Chinouriri: Four in Winter (Parlophone, 2021) A couple of listens off last week’s LIne of Best Fit. This downtempo music with r&b and hip hop flavors used to be called downtempo, but this is slotted as alternative on Apple Music. It’s also got a few hippie threads to it. The arrangements here are sophisticated with mild funk flavorings and Chinouriri has a very nice voice but by the time the sounds get manicured it sounds a wee bit clinical. I’ve sampled parts of four tunes and it definitely could use more passion. It’s rich and lush in arrangement and sound but god damn it start a fire.

@@@ Black Midi: Cavalcade (Rough Trade, 2021) I’ve peeped these guys before and I know some folks love them so I re-peep. This first tune appears to be a King Crimson/mild Captain Beefheart prog/rock for this generation. The second tune, Marlene Dietrich, goes in a more Brazilian bossa direction so this looks set to jump around and that’s fine. I don’t love the stylistic jumparound but I wouldn’t deny the right to it. There’s some SST angular chopping punk on this third tune so get your seat belt tight it’s gonna be bumpy. I’m checking out a couple of tracks at the end and I’m starting to feel like this particular example of stylistic jumping around shows a distinct lack of statement and intent. I wish it wasn’t the case but that is most definitely the view from here.

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